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KASB Sky View Apartments

+ Located in the most upcoming area of Karachi
+ Easily accessible by public transports from all parts of the city
+ An ideal place for your family to relax in an environmentally friendly surrounding with majestic views
+ Serene atmosphere with free flowing clean breeze around-the-year
+ A landmark of excellence where a cluster of 6 high rise towers touch the skies
+ Your chance to live in a dream home, where the safety, security and privacy of your family is ensured
+ Live in a home that is a “masterpiece of artistic expression”
Located in one of the most upcoming areas of Karachi, well routed and easily accessible by public transport, KASB Sky View is the ideal place for you and your family. Its unadulterated natural surroundings, clean air and majestic awe-inspiring view will mesmerize and take your breath away.
Another landmark of excellence by the KASB Developers, the stunning 22 storey KASB Sky View is a cluster of 6 towers, each one a masterpiece of artistic expression. Here’s your chance to live in a dream home with its serene surroundings and breathtaking views. Be a part of a warm and close-knit community, yet with complete privacy and sense of security.
Every bedroom has a unique style at KASB Sky View. Very spacious, absolutely stylish in design yet functional at the same time. Each bedroom has been structured to be breezy with private balconies to ensure you make the most of the panoramic view. Drift off to sleep feeling on top of the world with total peace of mind.
At KASB Sky View, opulence and modernism go hand in hand. An ideal blend of a Victorian and modernistic style, the luxurious design will make you house proud and your guests feel like royalty.
After a hard day’s work, relax in the company of your loved ones in a tasteful and exclusively designed living room with an atmosphere of total calmness. A room where you will truly want to spend lots of your leisure time as you unwind.
Spacious, functional and state-of-the-art - What better place to have everything you need, than in a place which is the heart of every home. Enjoy gourmet style cooking in this fully equipped kitchen.
Drift away into a dream world, leaving your daily troubles cleansed and all your stresses showered away. Each bathroom has been crafted to bring you the ultimate experience in serenity, guaranteed to make you feel refreshed and regenerated.
With abundant space and no more parking issues - KASB Sky View gives you the total convenience of multi-level parking and vehicle access with four wide entrances (ramps), thus, making your life easier by offering you the complete comfort of being at home.
Healthy living
Luxurious facilities within reach, KASB Sky View introduces your very own fitness centre (ladies and gents separate), to give your life and your lifestyle the perfect healthy living - a convenience within reach for the entire family’s fitness program.
Imagine a beautiful, panoramic view of a centralized park- the perfect environment for you and your family to spend countless hours bonding, rejuvenating or just simply enjoying the brilliance of nature.
A space designed especially for children to perform outdoor activities. A gorgeous and pollution-free environment to keep your children active, entertained and full of life, so they get a healthy outlet for their energies.

KASB Developers is a leading player in the real estate and construction fields of Pakistan that maintains the highest standard quality without any compromise and is committed to changing the skyline of the country.

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